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This is the second series of workshops with a theme of “Interdisciplinary Maritime Practice” (IMP), which is jointly organized by The Hong Kong Logistics Management Staff Association (HKLMSA), C.Y. Tung International Centre for Maritime Studies, PolyU (ICMS) and the Hong Kong Seamen Union (HKSU). It employs the same methodology and format like the IMP Workshop Series I of 2014, which was conceived to cover the entire lifespan of a ship, from the decision to purchase to its final loss or scrapping, and to provide a platform for eminent professionals from the Hong Kong Maritime Industry to share their expertise and valuable experience with fellow professionals, young entrants in particular, in the shipping fraternity of the Greater China Region, in interactive sessions of Q&A discussions.


The Eleventh Session of the IMP Workshop Series II is on Casualty Management Part III focusing on the various actions and claims aspects arising from the casualty (collision followed by fire and grounding):

  • Surveys
  • General Average where the voyage is abandoned
  • Constructive Total Loss of the vessel
  • Additional Insurances following a maritime casualty
  • Examination of Average Adjustment by Underwriters Claims Adjuster

Moderators for this 11h Session will be Mr. Raymond Wong of Asia Maritime Adjusters, Mr. Wallace Yeung of Gard (HK) Ltd., and Capt. Richard Gains of Brookes Bell Hong Kong Ltd.

Mr. Wong will preside over the case study as Average Adjuster jointly with Mr. Yeung as Underwriters Claims Adjuster, highlighting differences in cover and treatment of certain areas between the ITC-Hulls and the Nordic Plan. Capt. Gains will speak on surveying aspect of casualty management.

All members, non-members and guests are cordially invited to attend the Eleventh Workshop.

Eleventh Workshop:
Time/Date :        7:00 pm – 9:45 pm on Thursday 17th August 2017
Venue :                 HK Polytechnic University Room Y301
Language :           English (Questions in Cantonese and/or Putonghua are welcomed, though)
Charge :                 Members – HK$50.00  Non-members – HK$100.00


Parties who are interested can contact Miss Catherine Chow at Tel: 2771-6180 or for details, or by using this link for registration.

*Sandwiches will be served during the break at about 8.30pm to participants, and iced drinks subject to availability and arrangement. Hence it would be appreciated if confirmation for attendance can be made as far as possible to facilitate the catering.

The Panel of Moderators is:

Raymond TC Wong          Chairman of IST and Honorary Advisor of HKLMSA

Prof. Chin-Shan Lu           Director of ICMS

Manson Cheung                Executive Member of both ICSHK and HKLMSA

Cho Hor Wong                   Executive Member of HKLMSA

Dr. Tze Leung Yip              Deputy Director of ICMS


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