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The series of workshops with a theme of “Inter-disciplinary Maritime Practice” (IMP) is the brainchild of three institutions in Hong Kong, namely, Institute of Sea Transport (IST), The Hong Kong Logistics Management Staff Association (HKLMSA), C.Y. Tung International Centre for Maritime Studies, PolyU (ICMS) with a view to providing a platform for some movers and shakers from the Hong Kong Maritime Industry to unreservedly share their view and valuable experience with those whose careers and professions are in the shipping fraternity of Greater China Region. IMP Program was structured to cover the entire life-span of a ship, from the decision to purchase to its final loss or scrapping. The mode of workshops is based upon case- study format, with guest-speakers being invited to share their view and valuable experience, be it good or bitter, in specific issues. It is intended to be a very proactive educational workshop. IMP managed to successfully deliver 10 workshops for the last 20 months since 9th January 2014 with topics as follows :

1) Decision Making in Ship Acquisition 船舶購置決策

2) Financial Options for Ship Acquisition 船舶購置融資考慮方案

3) Sale & Purchase and Newbuilding of Ships 船舶買賣及訂購新船

4) Ship Types, Machineries & Equipment 船舶種類,機械及設備

5) Management of Ships & Ship Managers 船舶管理

6) Professional Services in Maritime Practice 海事業務有關專業服務

7) Ship Employment, Chartering, & Administration 船舶營運,租賃及行政管理

8) Ship Operations, Crewing, Technical Maintenance & Agency 船舶操作,維修保養及船員管理 ,船舶代理

Time flies. IMP Workshop is now coming towards the end of its journey. The topic for the IMP’s last workshops (the 11th & 12th), which will be a two-day event to be held on November 5, 2015 (Part I) and December 3, 2015 (Part II) respectively, is “Marine Insurance (H&M & P&I) & Disputes & Casualty Management (Legal & Commercial)”. The focus of Part I shall provide the participants a broader value-perception of marine insurance and an insight on the mechanism in the process of insurance procurement. The gist of Part II will be an open-discussion on the analysis of claims of different nature where the claims practitioners on the panel can freely share with the participants from the floor their respective experience in issues such as (but not limited to): reasonable cost of damage repairs under insurance on Builders’ Risks, the effect of the Tender Clause, termination of SCOPIC, having signed 2 LOFs, limitation of collision liability, claims arising from wear and tear, cargo declining to contribute to General Average, who pays various charges following total loss of vessel – wreck removal, forwarding of cargo to destination, repatriation of crew…, notice of abandonment (a) of vessel and (b) of voyage, damage by pirates using weapon, barratry followed by capture, claim for consideration of Underwriters, …… You name it !!! Questions and views from all participants are most welcome.

We believe that this 2-day workshop will be able to help you jumpstart your knowledge on marine insurance to a certain extent.

The panel of moderators is made up of:

Raymond TC Wong – Emeritus Chairman of IST and Honorary Advisor of HKLMSA

Prof. Chin-Shan Lu – Director of ICMS

Cho Hor Wong – Executive Member of HKLMSA

Manson Cheung – Executive Member of both IST and HKLMSA

Guest moderators will consist of:

Clive Beesley – Director of C Solutions (Hong Kong)

Peter Boden – Underwriter/Business Liaison of The London P&I Club

Thomas Cheung – CEO of CTX Special Risks Limited

Franco Sze – Deputy General Manager of China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited.

Eric M Wu – Associate Director of Steamship Mutual Management (Hong Kong) Limited

Part I – 5th November 2015

Raymond Wong – Opening and closing notes

Thomas Cheung – Opening and closing notes

Franco Sze – Analytical approach on the procurement of insurance Hull Insurance Underwriting

Peter Boden – P&I Insurance Underwriting

Part II – 3rd December 2015

Raymond Wong – Adjusting averages

Clive Beesley – Collision and Salvage proceedings

Eric Wu – P&I related issues including pollution, wreck removal, etc.

Franco Sze – Underwriters proactive attitude towards claims handling

Thomas Cheung – Claims broking

CH Wong – Ship managing consultancy

All members, non-members and guests are cordially invited to attend the last, but not least, IMP workshop.

The Theme of Eleventh Workshop : Marine Insurance

Time/Dates : 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm on Thursday 5th November 2015 (Part I) and

3rd December 2015 (Part II)

Venue : H K Polytechnic University, Room PQ303 (5th November ) and Room AG206 (3rd December)

Language : English (Questions in Cantonese and/or Putonghua are welcomed, though)

Charge : Members – HK$50.00/head/each part Non-members – HK$100.00/head/each part

Since this 2-day workshop will be the last of the IMP Program, it is expected that a relatively high attendance rate will be seen. May we encourage you to have your enrollment for this workshop as soon as possible.

Parties who are interested can contact Miss Clair Wong at tel: 2581 0003 or for details.

We thank you all for your attention and look forward to seeing you at the workshop.